9 Portraits in a day

Portfolio 03:

I’ve managed 9 portraits in a day! and here are their stories, their introduction, their moment accompanied with their portraits photographed by me.… I would like to thank you all for showing up and indulging me in executing this project. The session was done as a Christmas gift from me to my subscribers. As much as it is a gift from me to them, it’s also their gift to me for participating. The only Christmas gift that I know how to do somewhat well. For the rest of you guys on the channel. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all. Thank you for watching.

I’ve never had a self portrait taken besides my passport photo‚ I didn’t know I need one until I saw your photos and videos. Love your studio lighting and the way you edit all your photos.
Had a shoot with you more than a 10 years ago. Now, a decade later, I have grown and evolved so much as a person. It would be great to capture the woman that I am today in photos.
I want a fresh new look. Been through very intense transformations lately and would love to have a fresh new image to compliment. And when I saw your video, I thought, why not use this opportunity to have this total makeover in conjunction with Xmas! Just to end 2019 with a grand finale and begin 2020 with a bang. Hope to work with you again.
I had an accident and smashed my face bad shortly after arriving Porto. I'm still in treatment to recover after two years. A portrait will be a good challenge as i can barely recognize myself looking into the mirror these days. It's a trauma, physically and mentally which plagues my life and relationships. There are so many facets of life, the good, the bad, the ugly. And recording the moment of my life when i hit rock bottom might not be the worst, i hope, when i look back later. Appreciate your kindness.
I used to do quite a bit of photography - but due to a busy lifestyle, I kinda lost track of it. However, my interest in taking photos is still with me. I'm also a design architect, I like arts, and would love to travel the world to get more exposure in arts and design and creativity.
I recently completed a fair bit of work that I actually have a need to get an individual portrait. So this was coincidentally timely. People been asking me to get it done but just never got to it. I've been doing consulting work and I haven't gotten to it. :). Mostly face to face meet ups with customers and everyone says update your profile la with a proper portrait!
I am an ex-auditor and now a jeweller with Bludiamond. I have been in this for close to 7 years now since I became a mom to a daughter, educating Malaysians and the new generation about modern heirloom became my passion. Whats more fruitful is to see each client grow from pre-marriage to babies and their kids graduating to them getting married.
Being able to speak to every different people from the various background and designing meaningful pieces of jewelleries that speaks them or marking a milestone of life. At the end of the day, delivering happiness and seeing them smile when they own these pieces of craftmanship, it ends up carrying more than just a story but a whole novel of memories through. This became a significant part of my life, witnessing the passing on of these modern heirloom pieces to each generation with a story that belongs to them.
Year 2019 is been a wonderful year for me and it’s been a lot changes happened to me. Before the end of year 2019 I would like to take a nice portraits from Jon and treat it as a gift for myself. In the future when I look back it’s definitely meant a lot for me. Looking forward to be the lucky one!
I've spent about 10 years time in my career as an insurance agent. In the beginning of the career, I thought being an insurance agent is talking to people all the time, but the more years I am here, the more I felt that listening is the essential part of my work, or perhaps life. Thus, story collection is my current passion.